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Standard Extra Large Barbecue Cover, Reversible Green & Black, [36043]

Sizing guide


Size & Dimensions:

All sizes/dimensions for our furniture covers are shown as illustrations in the product images. Please check the second image above.

Please note:

It's okay for your cover to be slightly shorter than the height of your furniture. This allows for additional airflow and for rainwater to pass under your furniture without pooling.

The Garden & Home Co Standard Outdoor Furniture Covers

The Garden & Home Co. Covers Standard Range provides assured protection for your garden furniture and accessories throughout the year.

Choose your colour

The double-layer reversible design allows you to choose between either green or black, simply turn the cover inside out.

All season protection

The entire covers range not only protects against the rain but is designed to defend against various external factors including snow and frost.

Fully reversible

All covers come in a reversible green and black colour, so you can choose which cover colour suits your garden best.

Protection against UV rays

All Garden & Home Co. standard covers include UV protection which means the cover colour won’t fade in the sun.

Wipe clean

The whole covers range is made from a wipe-clean material making it easy to use and maintain throughout the year.

Tear resistant

The Home & Garden Home Co. Standard covers range is made from a durable material that is easy to use and won’t tear when being handled.

Ready-to-go inset fastenings

The entire cover range comes with fastenings already built into the cover, requiring no assembly when attaching to furniture.

Assured water protection

All Home & Garden Home Co. Standard covers are made from woven polyethene consisting of 100gsm that ensures waterproof protection.

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