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Sheet Pillowcase Xinjiang Cotton Four-piece Set

Color: Dark green turmeric
Size: 1.5bed sheet fourpiece set
Sizing guide

Product information:
Fabric density: 133x72
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Twill
Fabric material: Cotton
Main component of fabric: cotton
Main component content of fabric: 95

Size Information:
Standard quilt cover 2.0*2.3m, bed sheet 2.45*2.5m, a pair of pillowcase inner diameter 48*74
Enlarge the quilt cover 2.2*2.4m, the bed sheet 2.45*2.7m, a pair of pillowcases with an inner diameter of 48*74
1.5 bed sheet quilt cover 2*2.3m, bed sheet 1.5*2.0m, a pair of pillowcases inner diameter 48*74
1.8 bed sheet quilt cover 2.2*2.4m, bed sheet 1.8*2.0m, a pair of pillowcase inner diameter 48*74

Packing list:

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